PLS manufactures tank lining resins and distributes materials, specialized application equipment and onsite training and support for tank contractors worldwide. Trust PLS to guide you into the 21st Century of Tank Lining.

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For 35 years the people at Poly Lining Systems (PLS) have been formulating, manufacturing and installing cutting-edge tank linings in both above and below-ground storage tanks to help protect the earth's fragile subsurface environment.

With changes in gasoline and fuels, petrochemicals and chemical products over those 35 years, have come new and reformulated lining products, spray equipment and application methodologies.

Poly Lining Systems makes the benefit of these state-of-the-art tank lining systems and technologies available to industry across the world through a network of applicator licensees who are trained and supported by the PLS team of tank-lining specialists, chemists and engineers.

With Poly Lining Systems products like the PLS 360e for underground fuel tank lining, the PLS 411a for above ground fuel storage tank lining and the PLS 477 and 477PW for lining water and potable water storage vessels, the PLS team and its affiliate applicators do their part to help protect our environment.

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